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Tegen you’re a Star!

As part of our work with the Sevenoaks District Councils Mentoring Project, we have helped support Tegen this spring with her riding skills.

Tegen would like to say a huge thank you, if it wasn’t for the Layberry Foundation she wouldn’t have had as much time with the ponies to practice for her show jumping and qualify for Hickstead Sunshine Tour in September which she has been aiming for, for a couple of years now. Well done Tegen!

My Voluntary Experience

The last 2 years volunteering as a mentor for young adults with The Layberry Foundation has been an absolutely unforgettable experience and one I’ll forever be grateful for. Keith and Marion were extremely welcoming from day one and I can’t think of better people to be running the Foundation.

It’s been truly heartwarming to see the transformation of one of my mentees in particular, from a relatively shy, introverted young adult who was struggling with a few areas in life, to a much happier, more content and driven person who now has goals and is actively making positive changes to his life in order to work towards them.

Receiving a card from his family at the end of our work confirming the above and explaining that he now has a sense of purpose and is once again excited by things thanks to the Foundation was a really touching moment.

As part of my work, we also organised a ‘Fly Day’, along with Aviation Without Borders, to give a few young adults from the Foundation the chance to take flight in a light aircraft over Kent. The day was an incredible success with lots of smiles and positive energy all round, with one boy getting to orbit his childhood home and see his grandparents waving to him. Although not at all the aim, both young adults who flew went on to join the air cadets at school, which has now opened up a whole new world of opportunities for them.

If you’re a looking for a great volunteer role and want to have a positive impact on someone’s life, I couldn’t recommend this Foundation more. Likewise, if you’re a young adult who’s struggling in some way with mental health or lack of overall direction, The Layberry Foundation is a super place to turn to.

Sam Todman

April 2023

Has the COVID pandemic affected you or a young person you know?

The Layberry Foundation is a Charitable Trust based on a farm at Knockholt and created to improve the life chances and wellbeing of disadvantaged young people. This includes Care leavers, but not exclusively so. We welcome anyone who has had challenging times and those who may be struggling with mental health issues, as well as those who feel isolated and lonely.  We are currently working with Sevenoaks District Council, and we are welcoming referrals for young people who have been impacted by the Covid situation, who may have felt or be feeling isolated, who might benefit from a listening ear and a mentor who could help them to join a club or activity and/or visit our tranquil farm setting. This is an opportunity to enjoy being outdoors and meeting some of our animals, which all helps  to build confidence and raise self-esteem.

Partnership with Sevenoaks District Council, Young People’s Project.

How the project works
A parent, carer or professional can refer to the project on behalf of a young person. A young person can also make contact themselves.

Young people will be linked with The Layberry Foundation or a local youth hub or group and paired-up with a mentor to help them to grow in confidence and overcome their concerns. If required, access to mental health support will be available from local counselling experts RightMind.

Funding is also available to encourage young people to try something new or to go back to something they enjoyed before the pandemic.

The scheme is being funded by a Kent County Council grant.

Join the project
To put a young person forward for the project, please complete the application form.

Mentoring referral form for young people affected by the pandemic | Sevenoaks District Council

Contact us

phone:               01959 534000
Text:                   07787344802  or  Direct message on Facebook or Instagram.